Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer ends, parties go on.

I ask, when does this end?

Parties, skanks, people who can barely stand on their feet. Maybe it is the heat, but maybe it is way too much partying.

It has been rather hot lately, that is true.

What happens at the end of the festival season? NOTHING. The night life goes on as it was.

Sziget is finally over, and if you got the chance to see Prince, well then, good on you.

Let us see what is in line for those who did not get enough.


START OF THE EVENING: You may want to go to the Why Not BAr and watch the fireworks from there. THe place is friendly, small and well located, so it is a good start for your night.
Address: Belgrad Rakpart 3. Google map it, I am not your mummy.

After that, go to:

Chicken Exit - for girls and friends.
Location is not the bestest one - it is in Tundergyar, which is basically a hell hole.
It is ugly, torn down and completely stuffy.
But it is the only lesbian party tonight, so you basically have no choice. Also, some gay men will be there who believe in supporting the gay economy. I approve that, if only the place was nicer.
Mind you, it is always wise to dress down in these events. Skanks are in in here.They are so hot right now. Sizzling!

I wonder when will Budapest introduce some air conditioned places? I also wonder when will Budapest introduce some places where you are not afraid to sit down because you might tear your dress or at least stain it with something naaaaasty....

DISCLAIMER: I am not complaining about Chicken Exit, It is a FINE event.
It is those places, one trashier than the other....

Is sex overrated?

I leave it to you...

Other upcoming parties are as follows. Confetti decently announces relatively okay events (at least Orfeum, the club where it`s at, is clean). The next one in line:

1. Confetti Gaywatch
WHEN: 27th August
WHERE: Orfeum

Yepyep. That`s it from me!



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