Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer ends, parties go on.

I ask, when does this end?

Parties, skanks, people who can barely stand on their feet. Maybe it is the heat, but maybe it is way too much partying.

It has been rather hot lately, that is true.

What happens at the end of the festival season? NOTHING. The night life goes on as it was.

Sziget is finally over, and if you got the chance to see Prince, well then, good on you.

Let us see what is in line for those who did not get enough.


START OF THE EVENING: You may want to go to the Why Not BAr and watch the fireworks from there. THe place is friendly, small and well located, so it is a good start for your night.
Address: Belgrad Rakpart 3. Google map it, I am not your mummy.

After that, go to:

Chicken Exit - for girls and friends.
Location is not the bestest one - it is in Tundergyar, which is basically a hell hole.
It is ugly, torn down and completely stuffy.
But it is the only lesbian party tonight, so you basically have no choice. Also, some gay men will be there who believe in supporting the gay economy. I approve that, if only the place was nicer.
Mind you, it is always wise to dress down in these events. Skanks are in in here.They are so hot right now. Sizzling!

I wonder when will Budapest introduce some air conditioned places? I also wonder when will Budapest introduce some places where you are not afraid to sit down because you might tear your dress or at least stain it with something naaaaasty....

DISCLAIMER: I am not complaining about Chicken Exit, It is a FINE event.
It is those places, one trashier than the other....

Is sex overrated?

I leave it to you...

Other upcoming parties are as follows. Confetti decently announces relatively okay events (at least Orfeum, the club where it`s at, is clean). The next one in line:

1. Confetti Gaywatch
WHEN: 27th August
WHERE: Orfeum

Yepyep. That`s it from me!



Thursday, August 4, 2011

Razzle Dazzle

Dear readership,

I come down strong, bringing you a list of the upcoming events without furter ado:

1. Budapest's newest gay community invites you for its traditional get-together (singing, chatting, meeting etc.).

Plan A: Gödör Klub grassy area
Plan B: Café Bolondóra (Podmaniczky Street 5.)
Look for GlitterDickLlama and the tea lights!​p-content/uploads/2011/05/​csillamfaszlama.jpg

When: 8pm, 5th August, Friday

It's a public event! Bring some friends!

(♀♀, ♂♂, ♂♀ etc.)


2. Össztrosokk Summer Party for Lesbians and Friends
WHERE:Grund Bar, Bp. VIII. Nagytemplom u. 30.
WHEN: 6th August, 2011.
At the end of the day, why not.
ATTENTION: They do not sell drinks or allow entrance to anyone who is below 18. Bring your IDs, please. Do not just count on common sense of looking above 18, the laws for this are rather strict.

3. Budapest Bears Weekend:
September 15-18
WHERE: Magnum Sauna/Action Bar

More to come soon.


Vanity Pokes

Dip of the Day!

Friday, July 29, 2011


If jazz and funk is your thing, and you are out of ideas/plans for tonight, you might want to consider the following:

(Hereby I copy-paste everything from their (Confetti's) facebook page because I can not be bothered to add and/or do anything else):

Orfeum presents: Summerfest 2011
A diva's night - Kati Rácz and the Flush
Jazz, funky and pop classics performed live with a cabaret diva

An award-winning Hungarian jazz singer with a unique voice, Kati Rácz is a genuine diva of funk. She began playing classical music at 16, and before the age of 30 she had toured the whole of Europe and half of the world.
Kati Rácz performances like fine wine, improve with age and reach perfection on taste and appearance. She takes her audiences on a magical journey through live orchestra concerts performing jazz and pop classics from the 1920s through the 1950s. In performance with the Flush.

Show time: 9 pm.
Doors open at 8 pm.
Dinner a la carte from 8 pm till closing time.

Premium 2900 HUF/EUR 12 (with front view of the stage, next to the stage)
Standard: 1900 HUF/EUR 8 (in the wing boxes)
Tickets with a 3-course dinner and a glass of sparkling wine:
Premium 7300 HUF/EUR 30 (with front view of the stage, next to the stage)
Standard: 6300 HUF/EUR 26 (in the wing boxes)

It might be fun if that is your thing, but yawn..... you will not see me there.



Dip of the Day


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vanity Repents

Vanity has been a bad little girl and did not manage to update her blog in a while.
If you are an avid reader and could not go to party because of this horrid, horrid slip out of mine, I want you to know that I would be terribly sorry if I did not spend that time hedonizing my senses off! Yes, that is right. I chose my pleasure over yours, and even though I am not sorry about that even for a split of a second, I need to repent cause I want my readers back nevertheless. I think that makes a lot of sense!

Anyway, it is not like you missed a whole lot of events the previous weekend.
There was the usual Confetti party, themed Africa, and there was the Össztosokk. See, these parties happen ever so often anyway.

Now that I have confessed, I am ready to repent. Ideas into the inbox please...We dont want the world to know what horrible things I would agree to do.

And now, back to business!

This is the list of upcoming Budapest gaydom events:

1. Orfeum presents: Summerfest 2011
Burlesque - Hot revue with a Hollywood vibe and divas.

This is some kind of a fancier event. The tickets start at 3900 ft, and go until 9900 ft, but then it includes not only a show, but a three course dinner and champagne. Budapest does not see burlesque shows too often though so I guess that is the reason why the price is not too friendly for Budapest measures. Anyway, let us hope burlesque gains popularity so that it can be seen in other contexts as well.

WHEN: 27th July
WHERE: Orfeum Bar, Erzsébet krt. 43-49.

2. Ösztrosokk Summer Party for Lesbians and Friends

I always have problems with typing Ösztosokk. Could not they think of a type-friendlier name?

WHEN: August 6th,
WHERE: Grund Bar, Nagytemplom utca 30

That is it for now...
I will tune it soon!